DJTengineering Ltd.

About Us

We are a small Engineering Company and are specialists in the Automotive industry.  With more than 20yrs experience working for both major OEM’s and independent consultants in the UK and USA we are experts at what we do.

We have experience in the following areas ;

  • Automotive
  • Off Highway
  • Marine
  • Electric / Hybrid

Our specialist areas are ;

  • OBD Calibration and validation
  • System Design and Specification
  • Technical Authoring
  • Vehicle Servicing

We calibrate and test OBD systems for a major OEM as well as many other small projects related to engine/vehicle calibration and technical authoring.  We have worked on many previous projects including complete calibration of a common rail diesel engine for a range extender vehicle.  This engine used an aftermarket ECU and was completed in <6 months.

We also do specialist vehicle servicing and engine calibration / performance remapping.

We are based in Rugby in the Midlands.